Winnie's voice may be breaking but she's showing no signs of growing up.

Episode SummaryEdit

Mr. Baldwin was eating the vegetables in the kitchen, then asked the question to Winnie and Kimmy if they think he's fat. They both agree, making him upset, her mom cames in and asked them what they did to him, they also called her fat, (she's not fat.) Winnie tells the story about her voice breaking. At the bus stop, Winnie takes the bus ride to school, but the bus driver was shocked at Winnie's voice breaking. The students were frightened because of Winnie's manly warrior voice. The bus driver accusses Winnie of _________, but she didn't do anything.

At the living room, Winnie noticed her voice as change to a lower-pitched one (Voiced by Selena Gomez) then she picks the phone up to call her dad asked if she needs to speak with her mom and sister in a nerdy voice, her dad believes it was a joke. Penelope comes in and tells the story about the legend of voice breaking. Winnie was upset and decided to apologize, but her voice breaks one

Winnie Grouper: (growls) STUPID VOICE! (she punches her throat, in a high-pitched voice) WHAT! (in deep voice) IS! (in opera-like voice) WRONG! (in a deeper voice) WITH! (she punches her throat then she can't speak but breathing)

At the hospital, Winnie explained everything what happened to the doctor, her voice becomes pitch-bending. The doctor says that the only way to stop her voice from breaking is ________________.

At the grocery store, Winnie was trying to cheer her up, starting with a rap song "Think The Most of It", she sings a rap about being a kid.

After the song ends, her voice became loud as she speaks to the manager. The manager gets mad because of Winnie's yelling and trying to apologize to him.

After hearing this, Gumball and Darwin walk in a gray area. Gumball cries, and Darwin says it's over and they're not kids anymore.

They then sing another song in her deep voices. When they sing about going to college, the area turns colorful and their voice change to a _______ voices. Winnie is confused, and Darwin then realizes that ____________. The episode ends with them extremely happy that her new voice.


  • I Love You (Mr. Baldwin's song)
  • Think The Most of It
  • A New Start (from the Amazing World of Gumball episode)

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Broken Voices

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(The episode begins with Mr. Baldwin in the kitchen eating healthy stuff)

Winnie Grouper: Hi Dad!

Mr. Baldwin: Winnie, Kimmy, do you think I'm fat?

Kimmy: Umm, lets see... Yes.

Mr. Baldwin: Why?

Kimmy: Cuz you used to be pregnant.

Mr. Baldwin: (starts to cry) Why are you doing this to me!!! (He runs away crying)

Penelope: Winnie, Kimmy, what did you do to him?

Winnie Grouper: We called him fat.

Penelope: (starts to giggle) Yeah, he is kinda fat, talk to me girls!

Winnie Grouper: Your so fat, that Fat Albert can run better than you.

(Penelope laughs)

Kimmy: Your so fat, that the grocery store gave you all the food!

(Penelope laughs)

Winnie Grouper: Your so fat, that You broke the whole house!

(Penelope laughs)

Kimmy: Your so fat..

Penelope: STOP IT!!! You know everyone can be fat once in a while, And there is this legend that When you make fun of fat people, your voice starts to be broken.

Winnie Grouper: Yeah, like that would happen!

Penelope: No, It's true. You know how it feels when your voice starts to break.

Winnie Grouper: Really? That's (her voice becomes manly warrior) rediculous. (Penelope gasps, Winnie noticed) Wow. That's weird.

Penelope: (points at her throat) See, i told you. (Penelope walks off) Maybe you'll learn to apologize to your dad....and me too.


Penelope: Oh, really.

Winnie Grouper: (takes a deep breath and lets it all out) I'm so sorry i called you fat.

Penelope: Well, thanks. Are we learn about ________.

Winnie Grouper: (deep male voice, singing) Maybe it's for the better.

No-one wants to stay a child forever.

Remember the wonderful times we've had.

Those happy thoughts now make me sad.

They say it's not bad.

It's just a new start.

So why do I have this pain in my heart?

Our childhood memories are getting hazy.

But soon we can drive, go to college, and we both go crazaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- (The screen glitches for a split second then it cuts back to the scene, Winnie's voice is getting much higher as she holds a long note like a THX deep note as she stops singing)-aaaaaaaaaaaayy!!

(Winnie covers her mouth, notices her voice is changed)

Winnie Grouper: (in a high-pitched different voice) What was that? (gasps) Wait a minute. I sounded even prettier then before.

Penelope: Of course, the song's last note makes you hold the last note and makes your voice pretty!

(They pauses, then Winnie and Penelope cheered)

Winnie Grouper: I did it! I got my tone back!

Penelope (happy) I know! right?

Winnie Grouper: I'm stuck with my new voice for the rest of my life!

(Winnie and Penelope laughed, then they hugged)

Winnie Grouper: I love you, mom.

Penelope: I love you too, Winnie.

(the episode ends)


Penelope: Well are we ?

Winnie Grouper: Easy! (She raps it up, in her singing male teen voice)

Both: We enjoy it while we can

We enjoy it while we're kids

We enjoy it while there's still time

To make the most of it.

We go around the block and we loiter by the mall.

The people think we're thugs so they give the cops a call.

Police get away with it 'cos it's a public space.

Turns out we weren't loitering just standing in one place.

Gumball: I don't wear a suit or a stupid tie.

I dress with my eyes closed and I still look fly.

Penelope: (spoken) Hey! It looks like you got a leg transplant from a wiener dog.

Winnie Grouper: (spoken) Yeah well you- *groans*

And when I don't have a comeback I can always cry.

Both: We enjoy it while we can

We enjoy it while we're kids

We enjoy it while there's still time To make the most of it.

Winnie Grouper: I'm allowed to eat candy, it's okay to be chubby.

(She gains baby weight like a pregnant woman)

It's called baby fat, that's how my momma likes me.

I don't need to worry about the calories I ate.

'Cos I'm just a kid with a crazy metabolic rate.

(turns skinny) (spoken) Too far. (She turns back to normal)

Don't you ever worry about the cavities in your teeth?

Who cares if these fall out, I got new ones underneath.

I'm getting tonnes of loot, 'cos I look so cute.

Where are these presents from? It just doesn't compute.

Penelope: STOP IT!! (She stopped) Can't we just stop it.

Winnie Grouper: (sighs) Sorry.


(At the grocery store, Winnie was walking to the manager as she's ready to speak)

Winnie Grouper: (loud) HEY!

Manager: Wha? Hey yourself, young lady. That's no way to talk to people like that!

Winnie Grouper: (in Mavis Dracula's voice) OH, SORRY!

Manager: Oh, i see. Now i'm getting the attitude of yours, young lady! You know there's a policy for disrespectful costumers like you.

Winnie Grouper: It's not MY fault!

Manager: Oooooh, so now it's my fault.

Winnie Grouper: Uh, NO! (getting upset as loud) ITS NOT YOUR FAULT TOO!

Penelope: Don't yell at me, you little brat!

Winnie Grouper: Hey, CHILL OUT!!!

Manager: I don't wanna chill out!

Winnie Grouper: YOU HAVE TOO! RIGHT NOW!

Penelope: Winnie, there you are. I was looking for you.

Winnie Grouper: Sorry, mom. I can't control the (loud) VOLUME ON MY VOICE!! (calm) and now this guy is angry at me.

Penelope: Well try not to shout. It hurts people's feelings.

Manager: Listen to your mother, little missy!

Winnie Grouper: OKAY!! (Penelope covers her mouth to avoid her from shouting)

Manager: That's not shouting! I have no choice but to bring you out! (He pulls out a taser)

Winnie Grouper: (muffled) I'M TERRIBLY SORRY!

Manager: (sad) Actually i'm not allowed to do anything, but ask you to leave before you cause trouble

Penelope: Actually her voice broke, that's the reason she can't control the volume on her voice.


Mr. Baldwin: (answers the phone) Baldwin residents.

Winnie Grouper: (in nerdy-voice) Hey, can i speak to Kimmy and Penelope, (raspy voice) Pleeeeeeeeaseeeee.

Mr. Baldwin: (angry) Wait a minute! This isn't some kind of joke is it.

Winnie Grouper: (in deep manly voice) What! No. I'm Winnie Grouper! Your daughter.

Mr. Baldwin: Nice try! and if i found out what you're doing here, i'm gonna call the police on you. Got it.

Winnie Grouper: (in high squeaky voice) Okay. (making cute faces) Bye.

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie's voice is low-pitched because of her voice breaking. In the end her voice is back to her normal tone, but different and __________.

    This is a comparsion where Winnie reaches a long high-note during the end of the song.

  • This is the second episode to have the same plot from The Amazing World of Gumball episode.
  • Winnie breaks the fourth wall by saying that she's been 17 forever, referencing how cartoon characters don't usually show age development.
  • This is the first time a student's detention is cancelled.

Production InformationEdit

  • This is the last episode that Kari Wahlgren voice Winnie Grouper, and the first episode Stephanie Anne Mills represents the voice of Winnie Grouper.
  • Winnie's new voice is ___________.
  • This is the first episode to feature Winnie's new voice actor.



  • The Kids: This episode is the same plot from The Amazing World of Gumball episode. The songs from the episode were in the episode.


  1. Kari Wahlgren as Winnie Grouper (last episode)
  2. Selena Gomez as Winnie Grouper (broken voice)
  3. Stephanie Anne Mills as Winnie Grouper (new voice)
  4. Logan Grove as Winnie Grouper (rapping voice)
  5. Kevin Michael Richardson as Winnie Grouper (deep broken voice)
  6. Emilie-Clare Barlow as Penelope
  7. Grey DeLisle as Tabitha and Gwen
  8. Dana Sydner as Mr. Baldwin (singing voice)
  9. Bella Throne as Kimmy
  10. Seth MacFarlane as Stan Smith (on TV)
  11. Tom Kenny as Manager
  12. Matt Hill as Minnie Bullwinkle
  13. Ashley Johnson as The Doctor


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