'Winnie's Diary' is a season 3 episode of Fish Hooks. Winnie has a plan to get revenge by tricking Bea into taking her diary so she can find out what her punishment from Mr. Baldwin is going to be.


After Bea steals her money, Mr. Baldwin enacts 'Friendship Law' to force Winnie and Bea to behave or get detention for the summer without going home. Winnie has an evil plan to get Bea a whole summer of Detention by tricking Bea into taking her diary. In the end, Milo and Bea and give Winnie's diary to her locker and she spots them. Winnie and Mr. Baldwin founded them and came up with the punishment that could send them in Detention by saying "You broke the friendship law. and NOW YOU FACE....the punishment." Milo and Bea are going to the detention hall. Winnie was saying to Milo "You bonehead! That diary was a fake. I used it to lure Bea into taking it so i could find out what her punishment would be. I've been following you guys around all day to catch you in the act. and to make it correct, i switch Bea's secret stash with pieces of green paper and used the real money to buy that!". It turns out that Winnie had buy a Brandon Bubbler DVD. In the detention hall, Milo and Bea are stuck in detention with their chairs glued, The episode ends with Bea crying.


  • This is the fourth time a fish takes a detention.
  • This is the first time Bea said a bad word. In the Disney Channel airings, The episode was censored.
  • This episode features a swear that Bea said after getting tricked.
  • It is revealed that Winnie's diary was a fake.