The latest tornado (whirlpool) comes to Freshwater, Winnie, Kimmy, Penelope, and the cheerleaders go tornado chasing and try to end it.

Episode SummaryEdit


  • Tornados Under the Water.

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Tornados in Water

End CreditsEdit

Winnie, Penelope, and Kimmy prank Mr. Baldwin by dressing him up like a girl while he is sleeping.


Winnie Grouper: We gonna stop that tornado!

Tabitha and Sunny: But How, What's the point? JINX!

Penelope: Well, Winnie, Kimmy, and I have a secret!

Kimmy: Our Former dad, Yandy was a storm chaser and teached us!

Winnie: Kimmy was scared of storms, that why he was a storm chaser!

Kimmy: WINNIE!

Gillica: Anyway, about the tornado, WE DON'T HAVE ANY TOOLS!

Gwen: So again what's the point?

Winnie: We told you! My former dad was a storm chaser, but when he died, we kept his storm chasing items and tools.

Penelope: Well, It's not my fault that those items would come in handy with my real estate agent job!

Sunny: Come on Mrs. Grouper, lets go before we all get killed!


Agnes Grouper: What is it Penelope SriLaka Grouper? I need to take my drugs and pills!

Penelope: Mother, No time! We have a big tornado!

Agnes: What's that Sally? You said you have a big tomato?

Penelope: No, Tornado!

Agnes: Potato?

Winnie: Grandmother, Mother! It's (Talks in slow voice) Tor--nad---o!

Agnes: Uh, is this your twin Penelope? I don't remember giving birth to twins!?

Penelope: No mother, this is Winnie, my daughter and my other daughter Kimmy is still with us.

Agnes: Ohh, I understand now, A big tornado and 2 Daughters!

Penelope: So mom, can you help us?

Agnes: I don't know, I need my drugs and need to overdose my pills, so no!

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie appears to be a hero like in "The Cheerleading Practice", but with her friends.
  • It's revealed that Winnie's Grandmother is still alive. (Penelope's Mother)

Production InformationEdit

  • This was Formerly called "Winnie and The Cheerleaders Killing a Tornado", but they changed the name because it was too long and changed it to Whirlpool!
  • This is the first episode to feature Penelope's Voice Actor's full name, Emilie-Claire Barlow.





  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Kari Wahlgren as Winnie Grouper
  • Emilie-Clarie Barlow as Penelope
  • Dana Snyder as Mr. Baldwin
  • Bella Throne as Kimmy
  • Cree Summmer as Lotus
  • Grey DeLisle as Tabitha and Gwen
  • Kimberley Mooney as Gillica and Finberley
  • Tara Strong as Sunny
  • Alex Borstein as Agnes Grouper (Winnie's Grandmother)
  • Jeff Bennett as Yandy (Flashback Only)
  • Alex Hirsch as Clamantha


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