Uncle Figaro is the uncle of Opal Peterson, Chauncey Peterson and Claudio Peterson, the wife of Aunt Maggie, the brother of Dorothy Peterson and a good friend of Rosie, Oscar and Angela. He was voiced by John DiMaggio, speaks in a Australian accent, and first appeared in Oscar's New Girlfriend


Uncle Figaro is a very kind, nice and very friendly uncle who is staying in Opal's Suburbia because Opal's father died in Fish Ohio before she and her family moved in her suburb in Freshwater. He is skilled at boomerang lessons, taking care of the plants, and chores around the house.


Figaro is a royal gamma fish just like his niece, his twin nephews and his sister. Except for a Australian cork hat with a blue feather on his head, a koala playing the tuba shirt, a jean shorts and the brown leather gloves on his hands. Catergory:Males Catergory:Uncles Catergory:Family Members Catergory:Fish