Trip to Fish Italy is a first episode on Season 5 as an half hour event of Fish Hooks fanon.

Episode SummaryEdit

Oscar gets an invitation from his Italian cousin named Harold to join in as a vacation to Fish Italy.

End CreditsEdit

This does not feature Snake and Mouse in the credits it features how Harold's 6 Italian Greyhound puppies that who are gone to their new homes and Home by Phillip Phillips is heard also.


Feel so Close by Calvin Harris

Beyond the Love by Bruno Mars

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &

  • Dream Vacations

Memorable QuotesEdit

Harold: Mama Mia! Cousin Oscar is that you?

Oscar: Harold! (he and Harold hug each other) I've never seen you in years.

Harold: Anyway, would you like to meet my puppies?

Bea: Puppies?!

Milo: I didn't know you had puppies.

Background InformationEdit

Harold's puppies are Italian Greyhounds and they are 4 girls and 2 boys.

Harold's mother came from Fish Japan and his father came from Fish Mexico.

Harold had a pet black Greyhound, Kate, two Chihuahuas, Jack and Mack and a male Akita named Ozzie.


When Harold, Bea, Milo and Oscar enter the restaurant, Oscar's bowtie on his neck is gone.



Feel so Close: When Oscar is on the plane listening to music and lower him to sleep, the song by Calvin Harris is heard on his phone.


Justin Roiland as Oscar

Kyle Massey as Milo

Chelsea Kane as Bea

Tom Kenny as Harold

William Salyers as Spike

Owen Wilson as Uncle Ralph

Keith Ferguson as Uncle Otto

Frank Welker as Kate


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Trip to Fish Italy/Transcript

List of PuppiesEdit

Olive: Female, Brown, new home in Fish Hawaii.

Carla: Female, Tan, new home as a guard dog in the factory.

Susan: Female, Black, new home in the farmhouse,

Poppycock: Female, White with Grey Spots, new home in the Suburbs

Rookie: Male, Tan, new home in Fish Idaho, belongs with a piano player.

Axel: Male, Cream, new home in Fish Manhattan, belongs with a fashionista.