Bea came from hell and forced Winnie to help her win and murder all the people that she hated, but Winnie refused. She decided to reveal Bea's secrets and the her hatred to peolpe to school.

Episode SummaryEdit

Meanwhile at the court, Everyone is trying to convince Bea did those horrible demonic things, told the honor that he found Bea guilty and he was sentenced to ______ where horrible teenagers died. As the police and Bea walked out, Winnie and Kimmy were happy.

At the Freshwater school play, Winnie, Gillica, Gwen and Tabitha were dressed as princesses.


  • Think The Most of It (Winnie's version, but the same version of the song from The Amazing World of Gumball)

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Secrets and Hatred.
  • Demon Ghosts

End CreditsEdit


Bea: Well Milo and her hamster girlfriend won the prom and i didn't soooo, i'm gonna (violent thing).

Winnie Grouper: What! But winning isn't everything! We can't all be good at winning!

Bea: And what about the time where that Kayla Brookse won my chances of meeting Brandon Bubbler at the Little Fish Sunshine pagent, so i'll shoot her with a Bazooka gun.

Winnie Grouper: No! You can't do that! My dad is gonna murder you! I can't murder anyone.

Bea: Yes you can! Here's the list of people that i hate.

(Winnie checks the list of people she hated)

Winnie Grouper: Let see Mom, Dad, Gwen, Tabitha, Sunny, Mrs. Grouper, Kimmy, Mr. Baldwin, Kim Kardashian Fish. ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME IN TROUBLE! NO! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!


Winnie Grouper: H-H-H-H-H-Herobrine.

Bea: (in herobrine's body) I come for you, Winnie.

Winnie Grouper: What do you want from me! TAKE MY MONEY!

(Penelope opens the door with lemonade)

Penelope: Hey, Win- OH MY GOSH!


Penelope: Herobrine? in person? (angry) Ooooh, That's the last straw!! (To Bea) HEY! YOU STOP SCARING THE POOP OUT OF MY DAUGHTER, YOU 8-BIT JERK!

Bea: (transformed back to her self) I'm not an 8-bit jerk, i just came here to...(groans)


Bea: Well-

Penelope: I was right Winnie, When you went to freshwater, Bea was pretending to be your friend.

Winnie Grouper: I know. I'm so sorry.

Penelope: I forgive you. RUN!


Winnie Grouper: Well, she hates (checks on the list) Randy!

Ms. Lips: What!

Winnie Grouper: And your cat.

Ms. Lips: (gasps, then angry) So it's her who hated my cat, not my cupcake!

Winnie Grouper: But Ms. Lips, I love your cat, who would hate him?


Winnie Grouper: Hey Girls, (starting to get sad).

Tabitha: Winnie, What's wrong?

Winnie Grouper: Bea has returned.

Gwen: Aw Come on, I thought we destroyed her.

Sunny: Bea is my arch nemesis, I will destroy her!!

Winnie Grouper: No Sunny, If you try to destroy her, she will kill you!

Gillica: One time, Me and Finberley made a demon destroyer gun, you can use it.

Winnie Grouper: No, My Mom doesn't allow me to hold guns.

Clamantha: Look on the bright side, Bea is back! YAY!

(The cheerleaders glare at Clamantha)

Clamantha: What are you looking at?

Tabitha: You, Bea is evil!

Clamantha: Oh, She is? (Clamantha explodes)

Winnie Grouper: I just hate it when Bea always Pickson me.

Sunny: Just prank her, like (insert epic prank)!

Winnie Grouper: No..


Bea: Oooooh, what just happened?

Winnie: Oh, i'll tell you....(breaths angrily and starts screaming at the top of her lungs)...YOU WERE DESTROYING ME AND MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! YOU ARE A DEMON!!! YOU HAVE BEEN A DEMON SINCE YOU WERE BORN!!! YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!!! GET....OUT....OF....MY.....LLLLLIIIIIFFFFEEE!!!!!!

(Winnie starts breathing fire at Bea)

Bea: What? No i didn't.


(Winnie was about to strangle Bea, but Penelope grabs her)

Penelope: Winnie, let me handle this!

Winnie: (calms) Alright. DEMONS ARE EVIL!


Judge: Have you reached a verdict in the case of those horrible things that she done.

Winnie Grouper: Yes! She tried to kill me!

Penelope: She killed Mikayla! (Mikayla is Penelope's Cat)...well, almost. But her tail _____.

Mr. Baldwin: She killed one of my students and stole my uterus! (showed that he's not pregnant)

Milo: She killed my brother!

Oscar: (weak voice) She murdered there in the hospital.

Amanda: She killed my friends.

Clamantha: She killed my boyfriend and neglect him for eternity!! SHE'S A DEMON! (crying) I HATE DEMONS!

Ms. Lips: She killed my baby!

Barb: She destroyed the mall and completely ____ my son!

Kimmy: She terrised the entire universe!

Winnie Grouper: Also she did everything that completely horrible and demonic! ________________!

Judge: WHAT!! (To Bea) YOU LITTLE MONSTER! You did what they said about you?

Bea: What! (innocent voice) No! I was uh, _________

Kimmy: Liar!

Judge: Well, it doesn't matter. The people of us told me about of and what's to say? You obviously did it.

_____: We, the jurors, find Beatrice F____ Goldfishberg....GULITY! of all charges.

Judge: (angry) Farewell I hereby sentence prison! (Mr. Baldwin whispers to the judge)

Bea: (whimpers) You gotta be kidding me.

Judge: Whoa. Looks like i can't send you there, it's for adults only!

Bea: (laughs) Yes!

Judge: So, i'll have to sent you to _________ INSTEAD! Where they have...the (torturing death).

Winnie Grouper: (happy) _____? Yes! This is the happiest day of my life!

Kimmy: I know, right?

(Winnie and Kimmy hugged each other, Bea was sad)


Winnie: Are you gonna be okay, mom.

Penelope: Yes, Winnie, i will.

(Winnie and Penelope hugged)

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie appears to be honest about her appearance.
  • Winnie was starting to pretect Kayla Brookse from Bea.
  • It is revealed that Bea can transform into anything and anyone since she's a demon
  • It is revealed that Bea was possessed by Satan until Winnie punches her in the face.
  • This is Kayla Brookse's second appearance.
  • This is Bea's very final appearance before she died.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Baldwin is ___ years old.
  • In the end, Bea was erased from existence, which makes everyone who died, lives revived and healthy.

Production InformationEdit

  • This is the first episode that Stephanie Anne Mills voice Winnie Grouper without Kari Wahlgren.
  • Penelope was going to say that Bea killed Mikayla, but it's too violent, so it was changed to "She killed Mikayla!....well almost."
  • Noah Z. Jones doesn't allow Mikayla to die, but her tail was cut off.
  • The episode was a lot darker and scarier.



  • Top Cat: The Movie: This is where Top Cat is sent to dog jail.


  1. Stephanie Anne Mills as Winnie Grouper
  2. Logan Grove as Winnie Grouper
  3. Chelsea Staub as Bea
  4. Emilie-Clare Barlow as Penelope
  5. Grey DeLisle as Tabitha and Gwen
  6. Dana Sydner as Mr. Baldwin
  7. Bella Throne as Kimmy
  8. Jess Harnell as Judge
  9. Matt Hill as Minnie Bullwinkle
  10. Alex Hirsch as Clamantha
  11. Tabitha Jetterson as Amanda


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