Milo receives a variety of wolf-themed gifts from his pen-pal, and Stephen from Ye Olde Country acts suspicious about the situation.

After his mother's humilation and his horrible expulsion, Noby is currently grounded for life, so Doraemon tried to bust him out. 

Episode SummaryEdit


Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Pen Pals

End CreditsEdit

  • Doraemon and Noby are facing extreme punishments.


Stephen: Talk, fish-boy!

Milo: No!

Stephen: Talk, i say!

Milo: No!

Stephen: Talk, you son of a gun!

Milo: Never!!

(The sun rises as Stephen tortures Milo by dunking ketchup ) 

Stephen: (slumped over) The fish-boy's fortitude is so admiring.

(Winnie and Penelope were tied up in knots, expect their arms)

Penelope: Come on, Stephen. This as all a great misunderstanding!

Winnie: (angry) Yeah! How was we to know you were such a lily-livered gutless dormat!?!


[Rolf hauls a heavy suitcase to the mailbox. He opens it and looks inside. The Eds are crammed into it.]

Stephen: Okey dokey, girls. Once you see Noby, shave the hairs from her legs, yes? And i will triumph with the last laugh! 

Penelope: "Stephen, please, reconsid–" [Rolf slams the suitcase shut.]

Winnie: Stephen, wait! [Stephen puts the suitcase in the mailbox and walks off with a grin.] I got some Korean cash! You can have it. 

Penelope: We can't fly to Norway! She have class in the morning!"

Ed: "Um, guys? I have to go to the bathroom."

Edd and Eddy: "NOOOOO!!!!"

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode is aired with a Doraemon episode made in the US.
  • This episode of Doraemon was made using flash-animated by _______________ in the US.
  • These episodes shared the same timeline, as revealed on the Disney XD website.

Production InformationEdit

  • This paired with Doraemon: The Dark Side of the Grounding.





  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea and Winnie Grouper
  • Dana Sydner as Mr. Baldwin
  • Emilie Barlow as Winnie's Mom
  • Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
  • Jeff Bennett as Stephen


  • Mona Marshall as Doraemon
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Noby
  • Mari Devon as Tammy
  • Brian Beacock as Sneech


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