Mississippi Queen is the name of a hallucinogenic drink that Randy makes in the episode "Randy Pincherson for Student Council".
Hot sauce


The ingredients are:

  • Pasta Sauce
  • Extreme hot sauces
  • Soy Sauce
  • Mayo
  • Hot Chili Peppers


It is red, with of hot sauces and spices. Randy uses it in the Student Council. Also, Chuck puts a little blue umbrella in it. At first, it is not spicy, but after a couple seconds, the dreadful spice kicks in. It looks like a Mexican drink called a Michelada.


  • Bea, Shellsea, Koi, Clamantha and the cheerleaders drank the whole bottles of this drink together and went through a strange trip, listening to the song..
  • The effects of the drink changes the girls personallities after they drink it
  • Winnie is a princess with a slightly british accent (She speaks like snake when she turns into a unicorn, in the episode Brother's Day)
  • Bea falls in love with Randy, and hating Mr. Baldwin and start being mean to him.
  • Shellsea is a fan of Randy
  • Koi is a fan of Randy
  • Clamantha is a fan of Randy and also has Mordecai's voice
  • The effects wears off after they drink Rolf's drink The Son of a sheperd drink.