After getting a fancy cousins from Fish England, Bea wants to become fancy, but poison is involved.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Episode starts with Bea waiting in the airport with Oscar and Milo. Oscar: So Beatrice, why do we have to wait? Bea: My cousins Ruby, Shiny, and Pearl are coming to Fish America with us! Ronald Hogerson: Here are my Children, Say hello to Ruby, Shiny, and Pearl!


  • My life as a Fancy Fish

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Bud's Pets &...Edit

  • Diamond Collars

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This doesn't feature snake and mouse. Ruby, Pearl and ShinyAre waiting in line for Emerald Dresses in Fab Fish.


Their Dad: Ok kids, You will go with Bea in Fish America, say hi to her!!

Bea: How do you become fancy????

Pearl: Hallo Bea!!

Ruby: Why do I need to go with the fake redhead???

Shiny: Of Course, I bath always in 10 minutes

Bea: (Mumbles) Weirdos, But I like Pearl!!


Ruby: Bea, what the freak is wrong with you, cutting is bad!!!! Get to the Back.

Pearl: Now Ruby, Bea Made her corny mistake, now lets get together like Carrots!

Bea: Thank you Pearl, Your my favorite one!

Shiny: Bea, you wash your mouth now!!! I agree with Ruby!! I need to bath now!

Background InformationEdit

  • Bea's cousins' name are Ruby, Pearl, and, Shiny.
  • Pearl is suppose to pretend to be a farmer, Ruby is rude, and Shiny always acts clean.
  • Pearl is the nicest out of the Group, Shiny is the neutral of the group, and Ruby is the meanest.

Production InformationEdit





  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Chelsea Steab as Bea
  • Kristen Schaal as Ruby
  • Emma Stone as Pearl
  • China McCain as Shiny
  • Nicole Gane Anderson as Princess of Fish England
  • Tara Strong as Queen of Fish England
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Ruby, Pearl, and Shiny's Dad
  • Willam Reiss as King of Fish England
  • Tara Strong as Ruby, Pearl, and Shiny's Mom