Sparky the Talking Hound is Magic and Ringmaster Ray's pet basset hound, who always excited to see people and Milo. He is very cute, fun-loving and a very talented dog. Sparky is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Sparky is a basset hound with brown ears, black spots on the top of his head, right side on the left fur and left side, the right fur, and brown on the left side and the right fur, the right side, the left fur, He had a red collar with a yellow star tag.


  • He tells jokes to people, his family and Milo.
  • Sparky is an acrobat and uses his ears as wings and hands.
  • He is able to shape shift with his ears.
  • He is voiced by Tom Kenny, also provides and sound the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Sparky is the complete opposite to Marshmallow, Piranhica's pet because they might be both pets, but Sparky is a dog, has an energetic personality, an expert on telling jokes, has his job of being a circus star and loves his friends. While Marshmallow is a cat, has an antagonistic personality, has tendency to be lazy, scratching furniture and hacking up hairballs, being competitive in pet shows, have been villianous to Bea and the girls (except Piranhica).

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