This is a half hour special

Kyle Massey as Milo

Justin Roiland as Oscar

Chelsea Kane as Bea and Teenager 2

Kimberley Mooney as Finberley and Gillica and Fistah

Rachel Dratch as Koi, Koi's Mom and Esmargot

Alex Hirsch as Clamantha and Shellsea's Dad

Laura Ortiz as Piranhica

Skai Jackson as Shellsea's Little Cousin

Grey DeLisle as Shellsea's Mom and Teenager 1

Tara Strong as Teenager 2 and Sunny

Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea and Winnie Grouper

Dana Snyder as Mr Baldwin

Gregory Micheal Cipes as Steve Jackson


Part One:

At The Classroom:

Mr Baldwin: Ok Crazy Teenagers, Im going the potty and going to see Ms Lips, NO PARTYING.

Winnie Grouper: Ok Mr BALD SEAHORSE.

Everyone Laughs

Shellsea turns on radio.

Shellsea: YO EVERYONE, Im having a tottaly cool House Party, theirs a Pool Party and Junk Food Party,

Piranhica: Well, is it going to be tottaly wild?


Everyone Cheers

Bea: Everyone in the school is Invited?!

Shellsea: Expect Randy!

Everyone Cheers,

Everyone dances in the classroom.

Mr Baldwin comes back in the Classroom,

Everyone acts normal and is giggling.


At Shellsea's House at Dinner Time:

Shellsea: I Cant Want for my House Party!

Shellsea's Dad: Shellsea NO HOUSE PARTY!!!

Shellsea: Mom, can I?

Shellsea's Mom: NO, im paying the bills again, for the Pool!

Shellsea: MOM, DAD Atleast Karrie wants the party right?

Karrie: Yes!

Mom and Dad: Ok, Fine, but no partying overnight!

Shellsea: Fine.


At Bea's House:

Eveyrone is talking to eachother, Jocktopus and Piranhica is Kissing,

Door Bell rings

Bea, Milo, Oscar, Finberley, Esmargot, and Gillica: SHELLSEA, AND YOU BROUGHT A BIG LIMO!

Clamantha: So lets get the Partying Claming up in Here!

Shellsea: And we Brought a Mystery Guy Here.

Steve Jackson: Hey Ladies!

Every girl expect Piranhica gasps which Piranhica is Idling.

Koi Rushing in the house,

Koi: Speaking Gubberfish: Sorry Im LATE

Koi's Mom: Speaking Gubberfish: BYE KOI!

Bea: Lets get this party started!


Bea: Oscar, go get me some kelp punch.

Oscar: Of course my lady

Bea: What?

Bea drinks even more beer.


Sunny: So who cares?

Oscar: Shut up you Wanna"bea"

Sunny: Meh

Bea throws up on the pool.


Oscar: She is drunk, Ooo what's this beverage lemme try it!

Oscar becomes drunk too.

Milo: Come back to me bro!

A celebrity comes and judges the party with her friends.

Shellsea: OMG It's Fistah and her two friends

Fistah: 2 drunk people kissing, barf on the pool, no drinks expect water, which means, UGLY PARTY!

Teenager 1: Yeah I totally agree.

Teenager 2: Let's get outta here.

Karrie/Chloe Makes a sarcarsic face!

Shellsea: What The F is wrong with you!

Karrie/Chloe: I'm telling your mommy that you a bad word!

Shellsea's parents arrive with their friend

Dad: You are in big trouble Missy, I celebrity came and trashed the house, there's barf in the pool and the floor, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Shellsea: But--

Mom and Dad: NO BUTS


  • Milo Has only one line.
  • This is rated PG For Dialogue
  • Karrie/Chloe's name is similar to Mary/Kate Oslen

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