When Wendie Greeper disobey's Winnie Grouper for making a mess in the kitchen at midnight, She was forced to leave as she runs away and Winnie's mom (Penelope) and Mr. Baldwin look for her.


Sunny and Winnie Grouper as they talk about cheerleading and Wendie.


(Wendie is still Making a mess as Winnie goes to Cheerleading Pratice)

Winnie Grouper: Bye Mom, Bye Da--- Wendie WTF Sandaya Calaëtià! DAD, MOM!

Penelope: Yes Dear... OMG Wendie you very bad dog!

'Mr. Baldwin': What! Your dog made a mess.

(Wendie Suddenly Cuddles with Winnie)

Winnie Grouper: Wendie! What are you doing, if you're gonna make a mess, then...LEAVE!

(Wendie was doing cute puppy eyes, Winnie was calm, with an angry expresson)

Winnie Grouper: I'm sorry, Wendie, puppy eyes can't work.

(Wendie leaves as Winnie watches, at morning, She looks tired.)


Winnie Grouper: Dad! Mom! I FOUND WENDIE!

(Wendie comes and Licks Winnie, then Winnie smells her.)

Winnie Grouper: Why do you smell like Cherry Jasmine, Wendie?

(Bea unexpectedly appears)

Bea: Oh, I found a puppyfish named Wendie Greeper in my tank.

Winnie Grouper: Thanks Bea, NOW LEAVE!

Penelope and Mr. Baldwin: Wee can't keep Wendie!

Winnie Grouper: You mean...

Penelope: Yes. It belongs to Bea now.

Winnie Grouper: Well.....okay...(she feels bad)...Goodbye, Wendie. It's been fun knowing you.

Wendie Greeper: That's okay. I'll be a good doggie from now on.


  • Wendie comes back. But disowned.
  • Penelope's Voice actress, Emilie Barlow, voices Courtney in Total drama and Bunny in almost naked animals.
  • This is Winnie's last full apperance until Season 5, she'll be a cameo character in later Season 4 episodes.
  • Wendie Greeper talks and voiced by John Waters.


         coming soon.

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