Winnie was doing her musical performance for The Musical Talent Show. Bea never gets to do her performance, so she tries to find a way to get rid of Winnie's singing, but she must do so without Mr. Baldwin or Penelope knowing.

Winnie appears wearing a gown for the entire episode.

Episode SummaryEdit


  • Dreaming of You (from Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "May I Have this Ed" in 2008)

Running GagsEdit

  • Mr. Baldwin giving Bea detention.
  • Bea being told by someone that Mr. Baldwin is here.
  • Penelope keeping an eye on Bea and Winnie by disgusing himself as various people.

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Singing Voices

End CreditsEdit

  • Snake and Mouse sing their songs in high voices.


(Mr. Baldwin opens the door, angry)

Mr. Baldwin: (panicking) Ah-ha! Come on, Winnie, you got practice your singing! Right here, right now!

Winnie Grouper: [downhearted] Okay.

Bea: (furious) GET OUT OF MY ROOM, YOU- Oh, Mr. Baldwin. Can i sing for her.

Winnie Grouper: (angry) No!....(then sad)....Just leave me alone, Bea.

Mr. Baldwin: That's right. It's detention for 2 weeks!

Winnie Grouper: Okay, daddy.

Mr. Baldwin: Not you, young lady, Bea is!


Winnie Grouper: Uh, guys. Dad's here. (Mr. Baldwin grabs Milo and Bea tosses them in the car, the car door is open)

Mr. Baldwin: Oh, Winnie. Can we talk about this.

Winnie Grouper: Run away! (Winnie runs from his father, but Mr. Baldwin chases Winnie)

Mr. Baldwin: Hey! Come back!

Bea: Run, Winnie!

Milo: Fare well, oh brave singing lady of happiness! Nevermore to sing the most beautiful voice of-

(Winnie shut the car door closes, Winnie was panicking)

Winnie Grouper: Look, dad, i'm singing! See? (she sings without words, Mr. Baldwin turns from angry to impressed)

Mr. Baldwin: That's better.

(The episode ends)


[There is a giant statue in the neighboorhood. It seems to be a remake of the Statue of Liberty. Kevin, Randy, and Morgo look at it.]

Kevin: What is this?

Morgo: Why is the Lady of Liberty looming over the neighborhood?

Kevin: What an eyesore.

Randy: Aw come on guys. I think it's cute.

[Penelope and Bea look out from inside it.] Bea: This better make me happy, Mrs. Grouper. [Winnie looks out.] Penelope: We'll all have our wish come true after this, Bea.

[Bea races to a painted target and looks up. A giant funnel, part of the statue, points down at the target. Bea moves Ed to the center of the target, where Winnie will practice. Penelope, using a giant marker, outlines footprints on the street. He then takes out a stick of gum, chews it up, and places it in the center of the last footprint.]

Winnie Grouper: Position and pose starts by fanning your toes and placing your left foot right. [He begins to sing a very opera voice.]

Randy: [covering her ears] Wow! Music gives me plenty of mine to kiss Bea.

Morgo: [stumbling along the footprints] Save yourself, Double D Ed-boy, as a single fiendish fiddle of the mountains toys with our mortality! [He stretches the gum across the street and can't move forward. Penelope signals to Bea. Bea then rushes to the target, where Roger is snapping his fingers to her high pitched voice.]

Bea: Hey Roger boy!

Roger: Hiya Bea.

Bea: Hey porcupine, I'd like you to meet my pal, Sawtooth Cecil. [He pulls out a knife with a drawn happy face.]

Roger: Look out, Plank! He's about to slice us!

[Roger runs away. Bea sets up a jack-in-the-box and walks off.]

Roger: Back off, Sawtooth Cecil, you bully!

[Roger runs into the gum trap. The gum rebounds against him, shooting him backwards. Roger hits the jack-in-the-box just as it goes off, giving him upward momentum. Roger lands on a diving board attached to the statue. The diving board bounces him upwards through the ear of Lady Liberty. Roger lands in a basket and triggers a complex contraption involving a bowling ball.]

Bea: Quick! Let's go see! [noticing Wilfred] What's with the pig, Mrs. Grouper?

Penelope: It's a surprise, Bea.

Bea: Sure, I get it!

[The bowling ball fires out of a trashcan and lands in the funnel. Bea watches eagerly.]

Bea: Go, baby, go!

[The ball flies out of the funnel's base.]

Bea: C'mon, c'mon!

[Inside, Penelope pets Wilfred.]

Penelope: I made a special treat for you, Wilfred. A very powerful magnet. Safe to eat, and chock full of essential vitamins for that growing young swine.

[Outside, the ball speeds towards its target.]

Bea: It's in the bag!

Penelope: [showing Wilfred out] Go home now, and don't talk to any strangers.

[Wilfred walks by the voice stand. The magnet attracts it, and pulls it along. Winnie follows. Just after Winnie leaves the target, the ball slams into it, dead center.]

Penelope: Yes.

Bea: It missed!

Penelope: [pretending to be surprised] Completely! But how could it be? My computations were precise, rigorous, and painstaking. This goes beyond science, Bea. An unfathomable force has sent us a clear message. That my daughter shall not be harmed. That the song shall be played, and she will produce wonderful–

Bea: [catching on] It was you!

Penelope: Me? Why that's the silliest thing I've ever heard.

Bea: That's it, your daughter's singing's pulp! You hear me?

Penelope: But, Bea! If anything happens to her, you'll get ____________ for life!


Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie was wearing her pink fluffy princess-like gown for the entire episode.
    Winnie dress
  • This episode takes place after Fish Taco.
  • This is the first time "Dreaming of You" is heard since 2008.
  • Winnie breaks the fourth wall by saying "But, Bea, we're cartoon characters. Cartoon characters don't grow up like real people."

Production InformationEdit

  • This paired with Randy Pincherson For Student Council.
  • Dress

    That's the dress that Winnie was wearing.





  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Chelsea Kane as Bea
  • Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea and Winnie Grouper
  • Dana Sydner as Mr. Baldwin
  • Emilie Barlow as Winnie's Mom
  • Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
  • Edita Gruberova as Winnie's singing opera voice
  • John Sussman as Randy Pincherson
  • Matt Hill as Minnie Bullwinkle


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