Penelope SriLaka Grouper (nicknamed "Penny") is Winnie Grouper's mother that is 36 years old, even though she is married to Mr.Baldwin. Her former Husband, Yandy died from a fisherman


Penelope is Voiced By Emilie-Claire Barlow. Penelope is in the left Barlow is in the right


As a child, Penelope had no birth father, just a mother that is still alive (87 years), She was smart and kind like her daughter, but she was shy. At age 16, Penelope met Yandy in a private school and were dating. At a young age, Penelope was pregnant, 5 months later, she gave birth to Kimmy, Kimmy had no freckles until at age 5, 5 years later, Penelope was pregnant again and gave birth to Winnie. In 2003, Kimmy was only 11 years old when Kimmy threw a huge party with 80 people in the house, the house was badly Damaged, Penelope and Yandy were fighting with Kimmy and Kimmy ran away from home when Winnie was 6. In 2006, The family went camping until a fisherman caught Yandy and he died, Penelope was sad and held a funeral. Winnie and Penelope were the only members of the family until Penelope met Mr. Baldwin and got married. In an episode, Penelope and Winnie found Kimmy while going camping and Kimmy is back with the family.

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