Perry Jetson Winifred also known as PJ, is Opal's friend from kindergarden, along with Angela, Rubella Lopez, Frank Black, Abby Wilson and Wendy Jones. Julie's older brother and Mr. and Mrs. Winifred as his son. He first appeared in Fish Music Tournament along with his sister. He was voiced by Logan Grove.


He shared with Opal's school in kindergarten and used to have puppet shows, eat snacks and play freeze tag together, until he moved to Fish Wyoming due to his mom getting a promotion as an accountant and his baby sister was born when he was in 5th grade aged 10, until he moved back to Freshwater because his mom's boss decide to close the account company down, and becomes a veterinarian and lives an apartment building that has pets.


  • His sister was 7 years old, while PJ is 17 years old.
  • His father was a Canadian athlete on soccer, ski, snowboard, surfing and basketball and his mother was a former accountant and a veterinarian.
  • PJ owns a turquoise Webpony named Spearmint, because he loves mint scented gum
  • He craves pickles, Chinese food, challenging Rottweilers for occasion tug of war, and jungle animals.

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