[This episode starts off at Freshwater High with Oscar excited of his new friend to come over to join his class and he is a giggling and wiggling his fingers]

Bea: I wonder Oscar is excited about?

Milo: I'm not sure, Bea, we'll have to find out.

Oscar: I'm excited because my new friend from Fish Australia is coming to school today. Sure I love Australian animals, food and the Great Barrier Reef.

Bea: Wow, I think the Australian animals are kangaroos, koalas, dingoes and wallabies and the food are Tasmanian Ocean Trout, fish and chips and Caramel Shortbreads.

Mr. Baldwin: As you know class we have a new friend in Fish Australia, and her name is Opal Peterson, she has twin older brothers, has a uncle in Fish Australia and has a mother in Fish Scotland, her father died when she was eleven years old, and her aunt is away at Fish China to take pottery convention in three days.

Opal: Hello everyone, or should I say g'day mate that's where my uncle would say that to my whole family.

Mr. Baldwin: Take your seat behind Milo.

[Opal takes her seat behind Milo, she smiles at Milo]

Opal: G'day, boys.

Milo & Bea: Hi, Opal.

[Cut to the cafeteria for lunch, Opal is seen holding an pink tray]

Opal: Hi, I'll have the mozzarella sticks, French fries, pear and grape juice please? (Lunchlady Latoada gives the food to her) Thank you. (She looks at Oscar depressed and eating a PB&J sandwich like he did in The Curse of the Were Hedgehog) Hey, are you okay?

Oscar: I'm just looking for a girlfriend that likes me and play video games less and try to pay attention to me.

Opal: What's wrong with your girlfriend?

Oscar: It happened during prom... (Flashback from Fish Prom where Angela is playing with her video game helmet, voiceover) She was too busy playing video games and not dancing. (The scene changes where Oscar calls Angela "Bea" and she backs up depressed, in the flashback) And I called Angela, "Bea" for no reason, so then Angela started crying until she found Jumbo Shrimp as her boyfriend. (Angela touches Bea's shoulder with her hand) He's all your's Bea! (She starts crying out of prom and flashback ends) So that's why I need a new girlfriend better than Angela.

Opal: Chauncey and Claudio are an expert of bad relationship on boyfriend and girlfriend when they are on edge.

Oscar: How do your brothers solve this "boyfriend and girlfriend" thing?

Opal: Easy, they teach them to get over with each other, and then, BOOM! Problem solved.

Oscar: Wow. (Bell rings for gym class) Well it's time for gym class. (Swims out of the cafeteria)

Opal: (She swims with Oscar) I have a cooking class, so my Uncle Figaro said, we have my rugby gear and the treadmill in my suburb garage.