Oscar's Future Dream is the fourteenth episode and Father's Day special of Season 5 of Fish Hooks Fanon.

Episode SummaryEdit

After staying up playing video games until midnight, Oscar dreams about his future will be if he and Bea were married and had 3 children. Will Oscar's family dream become a nightmare?

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Pete's Lullaby

Memorable QuotesEdit

[Oscar goes to his automatic home from work, to see his kids all grown up, Pete is 7 years old, Kevin is 9 years old and Ruby is 11 years old]

Oscar: Ruby look how big your getting, 2 months then your a teenager! Kevin, my little dragon look how long your hair is getting. And Pete, you've earn your walking wings.

Pete: Dad, you're funny!

Oscar: Don't worry, were going to watch Funny Frogs together, what do you say?

Kevin: Funny Frogs is for babies, dad. We want to watch Wheel of Fortune!

Ruby: Wheel of Fortune, yay!

Pete: It's the episode where the guy won a vacation to Fish Caribbean.

Oscar: What happened? I missed the Funny Frogs era? [under the couch, the snarky and picky brown dachshund named Caramel has Oscar's time bar in his mouth] Huh?! [Caramel is growling and standing] What do you think you're doing? [Caramel runs away from Oscar] Come back here! Get back here, you time traveling thief?!

Bea: Don't yell at Caramel because he found a remote control thingy.

Oscar: Who's Caramel and where's Prince.

Bea: Don't mention Prince, the children stopped crying.

Background InformationEdit

When Milo was all grown up, he has a mustache, his new hairstyle, his Hawaiian shirt.

It is revealed they have 3 family dogs throughout the years, Prince, a Newfoundland who died when Pete is 7, Kevin is 9 and Ruby is 11. Caramel, a dachshund who died when Ruby and Kevin are at college, while Pete is in 8th grade. Friday, a pug.

This is Opal's second appearance, Her first appearance was Oscar's New Girlfriend





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