No Pets Allowed! is the second episode of Season 5 of Fish Hooks Fanon, along with Milo in the Circus

Episode SummaryEdit

Oscar had a new friend from Fish Wisconsin named Pedro Bedlington had a new apartment building and really wanted his pet dogfish and his catfish back, but the landlord, Mr. Berenstein wanted pets out of his apartment, Oscar, Milo and Bea had a plan to get Mr. Berenstein to like dogfishes and catfishes again and get rid of the policy.

End CreditsEdit

Snake wanted a puppy in the tank, but Mouse declines even a kitten, hamster, gerbil, fish, lizard, or a pony, But Snake feels bad for not having a pet.



Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &

  • Country Music

Background InformationEdit

Pedro's dogfish name is Luke and his catfish's name is Diva.

Pedro's mother is not seen in this episode, she got divorced when he was 6 in Fish Wisconsin.


When Mr. Berenstein said No Dogs Allowed, No pets!', the old lady fish's Chow Chow's collar disappears on its neck




Justin Roiland as Oscar

Kyle Massey as Milo

Chelsea Kane as Bea

Rob Paulson as Pedro Bedlington

Jeff Bennett as Mr. Berenstein

Keke Palmer as Rebecca Berenstein

Lucas Greebel as Tyrone Bedlington

Jim Cummings as Pete Bedlington



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