'Minerva Beverely "Minnie" Bullwinkle' is a short 17-year-old white fish and a student of Freshwter High. She is voiced by Matt hill (Ed's voice).

Minnie Bullwinkle.svg-path3902-911

Minnie Bullwinkle as she appears.

Minnie is short, has white skin with red rosy cheeks. She wears a blue dress with a light blue bow. She has a high metbolism and a relationship with her cousin Gabby (voiced by Tom Kenny). Her mom became friends with Penelope and her dad hates Mr. Baldwin until he started a dinner party. 


  • The Fish Divorce: She was with her parents, watching Doctor Who on TV.
  • Mine Months: Minnie drinks a bottle of cola from the vending machine, making her belly big. She pretends to be pregnant. Her older sister Sarah helps her exercise to make her belly slim again. This episode reveals that Minnie has a high metabolism.
  • Expounded!: Minnie was in Mr. Baldwin's car.
  • The Cheerleading Tryouts: Minnie was attacked by Bea's demons. Her older sister saved her.
  • Swimsuit Girly Birds: Minnie wears a pink swimsuit to school and hang out with Tabitha (who wears a swimsuit).
  • Winnie/Minnie: Minnie's parents became friends with Penelope. Winnie and Minnie were hanging out at Winnie's house. This episode reveals that Sarah has a boyfriend named Kyle (voiced by Peter New, who has Big McIntosh's voice, but without a southern accent)
  • Stand By Me, Winnie Grouper: She was seen making out with Winnie (in her own bra and panties) but Winnie tries not to be like her, but Mr. Baldwin catches her and starts to disown her. In the end, Mr. Baldwin reunites with Penelope and Minnie and Winnie became friends.

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