'Minerva Beverely "Minnie" Bullwinkle' is a short 17-year-old white fish and a student of Freshwater High. She is voiced by Matt hill (Ed's voice).

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Minnie Bullwinkle as she appears.

Minnie is short, has white skin with red rosy cheeks. She wears a blue dress with a light blue bow. She has a high metbolism and a relationship with her cousin Gabby (voiced by Tom Kenny). Her mom became friends with Penelope and her dad hates Mr. Baldwin until he started a dinner party. 


  • The Fish Divorce: She was with her parents, watching Doctor Who on TV.
  • The Cheerleading Tryouts: Minnie was attacked by Bea's demons. Her older sister saved her.
  • Swimsuit Girly Birds: Minnie wears a pink swimsuit to school and hang out with Tabitha (who wears a swimsuit).
  • Winnie/Minnie: Minnie's parents became friends with Penelope. Winnie and Minnie were hanging out at Winnie's house. This episode reveals that Sarah has a boyfriend named Kyle (voiced by Peter New, who has Big McIntosh's voice, but without a southern accent)