Kitty Cat Trouble is the twelfth episode of Fish Hooks fanon

Episode SummaryEdit

Bea, Shellsea, Finberley, Koi, Clamantha and Esmargot are stuck by watching over Piranhica's pet catfish, Marshmallow when she was going to Duckyland for vacation with her family, while Oscar takes Milo for a check up at the doctor

End CreditsEdit

This doesn't feature Snake and Mouse in the end credits, it features photos where Piranhica and her family are at Duckyland



Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &

  • Babysitting Issues

Memorable QuotesEdit

Piranhica: Now ladies, I know that you hate cats, except my grandmother, I'm going to Duckyland for vacation, I need you to watch my award winning catfish, Marshmallow! (Marshmallow meows)

Bea: (weakly) Yeah, your award winning pet, Yippee.

Piranhica: Yes, And it's important to watch over my lovey angel is beyond me. (Hands Bea a user's manual) Here! Just follow the instructions as I say and you will feed him, you will bathe him and you will brush his fur for a day until Saturday!

Shellsea: Ew, My aunt is allergic to cats, I'm being sarcastic.

Piranhica: (to Marshmallow) Okay, my wittle Marshie Warshie. Give Mommy a nuzzle, (she kisses him) And I'll be back on Saturday when I get back my precious Marshie Warshie Narshie cat!

Clamantha: I'm not looking at this not one bit. (She hides behind Koi)

Piranhica: Take good care of him!

Background InformationEdit

It is revealed that Piranhica's grandmother loves catfishes.

Shellsea's aunt is allergic to catfishes.


When Bea forces Marshmallow to eat his food, the purple bows on his ears and neck disappeared, After he hacked up a hairball on the rug the bows reappeared when Shellsea started to chase him.


The plot is similar to Adventures in Fish Sitting, they both have to look after catfishes, and later gotten into a catastrophe.

The plot is also similar to Rugrats episode Babysitting Fluffy, where the spoiled female character (Piranhica/Angelica) wanted the protagonists (Bea and the girls/Chuckie and the babies) to watch their antagonistic cat (Marshmallow/Fluffy), while their away on vacation.



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