Winnie and Kimmy fight for who gets the new room, so Penelope settles it with a battle of the Sisters.

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Kimmy: No, I was here first!


(Winnie and Kimmy tackle eachother)

Penelope: Woah Woah Woah, Whats going on here?

Winnie: Kimmy thinks I don't have that new room.

Penelope: (thinks for a second) Umm.... I GOT AN IDEA! War of the Sisters, Kimmy Vs Winnie!

Kimmy: Oh, I can Bring my College Sorority to root for me!


(Tabitha and Sunny are washing Sunny's mom's car)

Winnie: Why are you guys washing a car.

Sunny: My mom forced me with Tabitha.

Tabitha: And my dad won't wash his car because he is at work, AND HE WORKS AT THE CAR WASH!

Winnie: Forget that, I need help for a battle.

Sunny: Your having a battle?

Winnie: Cuz Kimmy and I had a fight.

Sunny: Kimmy is so cool, why would you her?

Winnie: We got new room, so we were fighting, and Mom gave us a battle.

Tabitha: Are you going to have snacks there?

Sunny and Winnie: TABITHA!!!


Kimmy: Hello Winnifred Danfiela Grouper.. Met my College Sorority!

Shellbea: Hello Winnifred!

Winnie: Hello Kimberley Jesenia Grouper.. Met my Cheerleading friends and more friends.

Gillica, Gwen, Tabitha, Sunny, and Clamantha: Hey Kimberley!

Penelope: And now, Here are the judges, Mr. Baldwin, Cassandra, and Minnie Bullwinkle!

Background InformationEdit

  • Its Revealed that Kimmy's full name is Kimberley Jesenia Grouper.
  • Kimmy's College Friends Make an appearance.
  • Kimmy is 22 years old now.
  • In the end, Kimmy and Winnie shared the new room because it's a tie.
  • It is revealed that Winnie is afraid of Herobrine (Creepypasta for Minecraft).

Production InformationEdit






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