In A perfect World

Winnie Grouper dreams of a Perfect Dream and Various things she likes. But her dream is completely ruined by Bea Goldfishberg, It's up to her to stop Bea from ruining it. This is a 5 minute animated short being released in theaters before Guardians of the Galazy on August 1, 2014


Kari Wahlgren as Winnie Grouper

Chelsea Staub as Bea

Winnie and Gwen Anime

At the Beginning of the short, This shows Winnie and Gwen all grown up in human anime. This was a glitch.

Kat Dennings as Goth Girl

Emile-Claire Barlow as Penelope

Tara Strong as Sunny

Grey DeLisle as Gwen and Tabitha

Kimberley Mooney as Gillica

Quotes and SummaryEdit


(The Short starts as Winnie says good night to Penelope and goes to sleep and starts dreaming)

(In the dream)

Winnie Grouper: Woah, where am I?

Goth Girl: You are dreaming, Like In a perfect world dream!

Winnie: OMG, I am wearing A sparkly African Dress, I always wanted to wear that!

Winnie: OMG, I also love Goths!

Winnie: Also! Gold Solid High Heel Boots!

Winnie: This cannot get any better!

Bea: Well it just got worse!

Winnie: (gasp) Bea!

Bea: Oh Course, the one and only, I am here to ruin this dream!

(Bea has lighting strikes from her hair and one of them hit Winnie)

Winnie: Oww, your hurting me!

Bea: Oh Course, this is Revenge!

(Tons of falling trucks fall on Winnie)


Bea: Now, Removing your clothes!

(Winnie's clothes float away and She is in her Bra and Underwear!)

Winnie: Stop It!

Bea: And then dye your hair sky blue!

Winnie: NO, DON'T DYE IT!

(It magically dyes)

Winnie: I kinda like it.

Bea: And for the grand finale! Killing Kimmy, Mr. Baldwin, Penelope, and You!

Winnie: Why!?

Bea: Cuz I get alot of trouble in this family.

Bea: Now You first!

Winnie: Noooooo!

(Bea almost stabs her, but the Cheerleaders (expect Clamantha) Punch Bea, Mainly Gwen.

Gwen: But 4 can play that game!

Sunny: I tried to tell you that Bea was a threat because she is my enemy!

Tabitha: But friends stick together forever like Superglue!

Gillica: Winnie, we got this!

(Sunny tackles Bea and repeatedly slaps her.)

Sunny: Thats... (slap) ... What... (Slap)...You get (slap) for hurting (slap) Winnie! (Slap). Gwen, take over!

Gwen: (Gwen kicks Bea where "The Sun doesn't Shine".) If you hurt Winnie, I'll hurt you! Tabitha, come hurt her even more!

Tabitha: (Steps and Stomps on Bea) If you talk dirty to Winnie, I will walk dirty on You! Gillica, finish her!

Gillica: (Stabs Bea in the heart) Yeah, have a piece of your heart Bea, not Winnie's!

(Bea suddenly dies)

(Everyone cheers)

Winnie: you guys Saved Me?

The Cheerleaders: Yep, that's what friends are for, now wake up!

(Winnie wakes up as Penelope's is saying wake to Winnie and that she is late as the short ends)

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