When Bea behaves bad to her parents, she was sent to live with Milo and Oscar, but Milo wants her to be a sister, So Bea sneaks out. Bea's parents want Bea back, so they do a gummy bear festival.

Episode SummaryEdit


  • Running Away from Home, Don't look for me!

Running GagsEdit

  • Finberley gets injured again, By getting run over by a Gummy bear truck.

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Brothers and Not-So Good Sisters
  • Gummy Bears

End CreditsEdit

  • Same as Freshwater lives: What to do with all this money?


(Bea is in the plains looking for the city.)

Bea: I can't see anything!

Bea: Wait, I can some gummy bears and stuff!

It pans to the other tank

Mr. Goldfishberg: This is a gummy bear festival, because we are looking for our bad daughter, LA LA LA LA!

Mrs. Goldfishberg: NORMAN, that's not a way to attract our sweet Bea, she just did something bad.

(Bea walks to them)

Bea: I know I did, And I'm so sorry!

Mrs. Goldfishberg: I'm so sorry Bea, me and your father were..... Drunk!



Mrs. Goldfishberg: Just go live with Oscar and Milo, for pete's sake!! Okay!

Background InformationEdit

  • Bea likes gummy bears.

Production InformationEdit

  • This paired with Freshwater Lives: What to do with all this money?



  • This is a reverse episode of "Milo and Oscar moves in".
  • The second episode that has drinking, the first is (Shellsea's House Party)



  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Chelsea Kane as Bea
  • Myah Marie as Natasha
  • Noah Z Jones as Bea's Dad
  • ???? As Bea's Mom
  • Kari Waldred as Shellsea
  • Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
  • Ariana Grande as Moony (old voice)
  • Tara Strong as Sunny
  • Claire Corett as Young Bea
  • Pamela Aldon as Young Shellsea