Haunted Barn is a 5th episode of Season 5 from Fish Hooks Fanon.

Episode SummaryEdit

At Albert's house during a Friday Night and sleepover party, Albert watches a horror movie about a farmer and his dog moving into a farm in Fish Montana and the farm animals as ghosts keeped haunting him.

End CreditsEdit

Same as The Curse of the Were Hedgehog



Background InformationEdit

The plot is similiar to Parasite Fright.


This is the first time Albert Glass watches a horror movie.


This episode remarks on a Halloween themed house, Haunted House.


Kyle Massey as Milo

Justin Roiland as Oscar

Chelsea Staub as Bea

Atticus Shaffer as Albert Glass

Steven Christopher Parker as Jumbo Shrimp


Haunted Barn/Transcript


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