This takes place in Freshwater Lives, Milo and Eziekel Freshwater don't know what to do with all they're money, so they give it to everyone in the school. But it's trouble for Milo.

Episode SummaryEdit


  • Gimmie My Money Back!

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Money Players
  • Rich Fishes

End CreditsEdit

There is no snake or mouse, it shows Penelope yelling at Kimmy as Winnie Watches. But Winnie told her that she'll handle this as she slaps at her. Winnie grabs her money and leaves.


Winnie Grouper: Mom, Mom, guess what, I got free money from Milo!

Penelope: WHAT, No No No! Take that Money back!

Winnie: But Why?

Penelope: Ok Sweetie, If you get free money from someone other than you're BFF's, They might play you. If its in high school, You could transfer out!

Winnie: But Mom, I wan't to keep the money!

Penelope: Fine, If you want to keep the money, then transfer out!

Winnie: Fine, I will think about it!


Oscar: Milo, this is a bad idea, if Penelope finds out, then Winnie will move!

Penelope: Finds out what?

Oscar: Nothing, Mrs. Grouper!!?

Penelope: I found out that this school has been green and cotton! There is alot of Money!

Milo: No! Don't let Winnie transfer out!

( Milo makes a worried and sad face to Penelope as she is curious and angry. )

Penelope: ( Is sad ) Fine, Winnie can stay in the school, but if you stop giving her extra money!

Winnie Grouper: Thanks Mom, Kimmy took my money anyway!

Penelope: ( Is furious ) WHAT!!! I will teach that girl a lesson to be good!

Winnie Grouper: wow i paid money to see you doing it. but remember i'm doing it for you. (The episode ends)

______________ End Credits

Penelope: (yelling) Kimmy, What is this I hear about you taking Winnie's Money?

Kimmy: (sarcasm voice) Hey Mom, I don't steal money..

(A bunch of money drops from Kimmy's hair )

Penelope: Oh Kimmy, You're in serious trouble for lying!

Kimmy: Oh really?

( Penelope slaps Kimmy )

Kimmy: EEEK!

Winnie Grouper: Mom, Let me handle this!...(Penelope leaves, Winnie begins to slap Kimmy) Stop! (slap) Trying! (slap) to! (slap) steal! (slap) my! (slap) Money! Got it, you money stealing liar!!

Kimmy: Alright! I'm sorry! i'm never steal money from you again!

Winnie Grouper: Good!!

(Winnie grabs the money and sneaks off, the credits ended.)

Winnie Grouper: See you later. by the way i just want to know that you should never steal money from me. 

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie appears to not wear her scrunchy.
  • This is the first episode to take place after the previous episode.
  • Penelope appears to have an issue of having free stuff from strangers, (Mainly Money)

Production InformationEdit






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