Winnie Grouper wants to go on a date with Dylan, but She needs help from Tabitha and Sunny. The date goes a disaster.

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  • Smooth Jazz (background music only)

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  • Dates and Flowers

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Winnie Grouper: (Knocks on Tabitha's door) Is Anyone here?

Cassandra: (opens the door) Hello? Hi Winnie!

Winnie: Hey Tabitha's mom, have you seen Tabitha?

Cassandra: She's in her room with Sunny.

Winnie: Thanks!

(Winnie walks to Tabitha's room)

Tabitha: Winnie, Perfect timing! We're eating some pomegranates!

Winnie: Don't mind if I do, So I have a date.

Sunny: (spits out her pomegranate juice) Oh no, not again!

Winnie: Oh yes, yes again! And I need advice.

Tabitha: Give me his name.

Winnie: Dylan.

Sunny: If I hear another word about Dylan, I will scream and Act Crazy.

Tabitha: Dylan is cute and a Hunk!

(Sunny screams and slaps Tabitha)

Sunny: (slaps Tabitha) I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THAT NAME!

Winnie: (grabs Sunny) Sunshine, calm down. Now like I was saying, I asked him out.

Tabitha: Thats great, Jeremy likes me and he thinks I'm unaware.

Winnie: And I need advice.

Tabitha: To impress a boy, act different, I did that to Jeremy and he liked me.

Sunny: No No, act normal, I did that to Oscar, he loved me!

(Winnie's phone rings)

Winnie: It's Dylan! (Answers it) Hey Dylan what's up?

(Sunny snatches the phone)


(Winnie grabs the phone)

Winnie: Sorry Dylan, It was Sunny, so how are you?

Winnie: Wait, are you babysitting your sister?

Winnie: (starts to cry) Fine, I will accept that, (turns red and angry) NOW GET OUT OF MY LIFE YOU STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING!

Tabitha: Wow, Winnie went to the limit!

Sunny: Winnie, are you ok?

Winnie: NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE STOOD ME UP LIKE THAT! His little sister is a brat and a twerp!

Penelope: (knocks on the door at Tabitha's house) Is anyone here?

Cassandra: (opens it) Hey Penny, Whatcha doing?

Sunny's Mom: Me and Cassandra are living together and we are doing casino games on my IPad.

Penelope: I'm just worried because I heard Winnie Screaming, is she alright?

Sunny's mom: Yes, she is just happy about her date.

Penelope: When I hear Winnie scream like that, she is angry and sad.

Cassandra: Fine come In!

Penelope: (Opens Tabitha's Room door) Winnie, are you alright?

Sunny: No, she's not, Dylan stood her up on her date.

Winnie: I can't believe that stupid jerk stood me up!

Penelope: dont say that otherwise, young lady, or your'll get in big trouble.

Background InformationEdit

  • It's revealed that Tabitha and Sunny are roommates at Tabitha's house and live together.
  • Winnie wears a Sparkly Pink and Purple Dress for her date.

Production InformationEdit




  • To Sir With Ed: This is an Allusion of the Ed, Edd, and Eddy episode, Edd wants to go on a date with Nazz, and Eddy gets bruised.


  • Justin Roiland As Oscar
  • Kari Wahlgren as Winnie Grouper
  • Grey DeLisle as Tabitha, Gwen (cameo), and Sunny's mom
  • Kimberley Mooney as Gillica (cameo)
  • Tara Strong as Sunny and Dylan's little sister
  • Susanne Blakeslee as Cassandra (Tabitha's mom)
  • Thomas Dekker as Dylan
  • Emile Barlow as Penelope


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