Flaking Bea is a season 3 episode.


2 hours after Brother's Day, Oscar, Milo and Bea are running away from Mr. Baldwin the school hallway. They run into the library and get cornered between bookshelves. Mr. Baldwin traps them and ask them to stay in detention for a year. Bea refuses and Oscar and Milo leaves Bea alone to face him.

Back home, Milo and Oscar are playing a video game while Bea sits on a couch,, angry at them for flaking on them Bea's mom leaves house, wanting them to do their chores and keep an eye on Winnie, who wears a princess outfit and on anesthetics due the lack of cheerleading. Bea tells them that she's banned from school because of Milo and Oscar. Bea blames them for leaving her alone during school punishment, Oscar explains that he didn't flake. Winnie comes back to reality and the anesthetics wears off. She told Milo and Oscar to go shopping while Bea gets angry at them.

At the grocery store, Milo is explains what happened to Bea, while Milo was bored about the story. The scene changes to Bea explaining about getting expelled for sneaking about of detention and refusing. Winnie was confused and can't understand.Bea doesn't care about her friends and she will never apologize to them again.

Back home, Milo and Bea moving heavy things from the attic. Milo apologize s, expecting an apology from Bea. They fight overshot should apologize, with Bea thinking that he would let her down. Bea still refuses to apologize. Milo piles more heavy things on the top of the heavy computer, making Bea tip backwards. They fall downstairs with all the heavy things. Milo and Bea are getting up and it's turns out that Bea has the anesthetics and start running outside, going to nibble some people.

The scene cuts to Bea, still loopy, chasing a hamburger, and commitments saying "Sauce!" repeatedly. The scene cuts back to Tabitha as a hamburger, Milo, Oscar and Winnie as condiments yelling "Stop!" she runs away and then they spot her mom's car, almost home. Milo orders them to fix the house and grabs Bea. They made it dustbin time.

At Home, Bea's mom yells as she walks in the door, but soon realizes that nothing is wrong. Bea comes back to reality, explaining everything that happened in the crazy day. Her mom is furious at her. She told her that her teacher called and said that she's expelled. Bea sighs and say "I'm grounded, am I?" as the episode ends.


  • This is the first episode to have CGI backgrounds instead of photorealistic backgrounds.
  • This is Winnie's first major appearance.
  • This episode was aired as a Mickey Mouse Works cartoon which was aired on Disney Junior.
  • Disney Channel Malaysia aired the episode on July 4, 2013.

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