Fish Music Tournament is the fifthteenth episode of Season 5 of Fish Hooks Fanon.

Episode SummaryEdit

Chauncey and Claudio want to win the Freshwater's first annual music tournament at Freshwater's Musical Theater.

End CreditsEdit

It shows how Opal's friends from her old school how they live, have relatives or had joined in different high schools.


The Ballad of the Wildebeests

Kangaroos on Parade

Memorable QuotesEdit





Kyle Massey as Milo

Chelsea Kane as Bea

Justin Roiland as Oscar

J.G Quintel as Claudio Peterson

Owen Wilson as Chauncey Peterson

Jenny Slate as Olivia Peterson

Emma Thompson as Dorothy Peterson

John DiMaggio as Uncle Figaro

Frank Welker as Rosie

Zendaya as Rubella Lopez

Kristan Schaal as Abby Wilson

Logan Grove as PJ Winifred

Beatrice Miller as Wendy Jones

Roger Craig Smith as Frank Black


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