Fish Hooks HAS, aka Fish hooks Human Anime Show or  魚フックヒューマン·アニメショー

is an Manga/Anime japenese show that is an Anime human verison of

Fish Hooks by Kagami Wong.



Bea/ビー: Replacing Milo, Bea is the main character of HAS.

Other Bea

Bea in Manga


Clamantha in Manga


Top left to top right: Shellsea, Milo, Bea, Oscar, clamantha, Finberley, Sunny Bottom left to bottom right: albert, Esmargot, randy, Jumbo SHrimp, Koi, jocktopus, Piranhica

Theme SongEdit

人間の魚、その奇妙ではないが、待って!日本人と、人々は人々である、 TO BE COUNTINED

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