(The episode starts as The Song "Beautiful Liar by Shakira and Beyonce" Is playing.)

(the camera moves to Bea and Randy as Randy tries to kiss her)

Bea: No Randy! I will never Date you!

Randy: Smoochy Smooch Kissy Kiss!

Bea: Oscar, Help Me!

( Oscar Comes and drags Bea as Oscar is angry at Randy)

Oscar: Randy, Don't be messing with us!

Shellsea: Randy, Just leave my friend only!

Fish Katy: Yeah Randy!

Shellsea: I forgot you go to this school!

Milo: But really Randy, Leave Bea Alone!

Everyone except Randy and Bea: Protect Bea! Protect Bea! Protect Bea!

Bea: Aww, You guys are so nice!

(The bell rings)

Bea: See you guys later!

"I don't give a algae about Randy and Bea!"-Evelyn

"We'll I do." -Shellsea

"San Calreñta, Shellsea, Bea texted me that there is two of her!" - Cinthia


Randy Fiancé: Randy, what are you doing with this Fake red head girl with green eyes!

Real Bea: Well It's true I have green eyes but lime green! AND HERS IS NEON GREEN!

( People notice that another Bea is here )


Evelyn: Finally, Real Spainish Cinny!

Shellsea: What the fuck is going on here?

Randy: Never! I never tell the truth!

Randy's Fiancé: Randy! Confess! I don't have time for your little games!

Randy: But Aubrey...

Randy's Fiancé: Don't but Aubrey Me!

Real Bea: Randy, Why did you put a wedding with a clone of mine?

Clone Bea: Be Quiet!

Real Bea: Ok, Clones can die by glue!

Clone Bea: Wait What?

Randy's Fiancé: Here random Bea, Catch!

Real Bea: Say Glue Bye! (Bea squirts the glue on The Clone as the clone melts)

Real Bea: And Randy, I hate you!

Randy's Fiancé: Oh and Randy, We are over! Oh Vicky!

Randy: No, not your annoying little bratty sister!

Vicky: What did you call me? (Vicky slaps Randy)

(The episode ends as Oscar and Bea kiss, -In Shadow Only- )

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