Demon Winnie is Bea's evil clone of Winnie voiced by Seth MacFarlane. She is in an alternative hell universe created by Satan. Demon Winnie has the similar personality as Evil Jimmy from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and have the same voice as Quagmire from Family Guy

In Busy Bea: Final Demonation, Winnie was sucked into an alternative universe that features people with very horrible attitudes and black eyes with red pupils. Demon Winnie and Bea were about to erase the entire world.

Demon Winnie (voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Demon Gillica (voiced by Doug Lawrence)

Demon Tabitha (voiced by Patrick Warburton)

Demon Gwen (voiced by Tom Kenny)

In Penelope & Baldwin, Sitting in the Tree......with The Grouper Sisters, Demon Winnie were planning to ruin Penelope and Baldwin's day, but Winnie and Kimmy stopped her and throw her right in the dimension hole back home saying "I'll get you someday, you jerks!"

Bea The God

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