Claudio Peterson is the son of Dorothy Peterson, the nephew of Uncle Figaro and Aunt Maggie, the twin brother of Chauncey Peterson, the sister of Oscar's New Girlfriend Claudio's personality is spunky, caring, fearless, kind, and helpful to his family. Like Chauncey, he is enemies with Abby's twin older brothers Jeremy and Jeffrey. He loves to play his digeridoo, creating comic books, playing basketball, and eating lasagna.


He is a royal gamma fish, with a purple bodysuit, yellow fins, brown hair like Uncle Figaro (except for his Mohawk with green dye on the top), he wears a plaid turquoise shirt, dark jean shorts.


  • He just wants to be likes his mom, due to his drawn comic strips, In Oscar's New Girlfriend during the Family Path game, he said that he'll quit his job as a cashier.
  • Claudio's favorite things are drawing, basketball, Winter, his accordion, and helping Uncle Figaro in the house.
  • His favorite movie genre is superhero-themed and action.
  • He once tried out for the honey commercial, and he went badly.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • After graduating high school, Claudio might go George Masterson Art School in Fish Colorado, where he can make good drawings, comic books and stories.
  • He and Chauncey started working at PetersBurger when homeschooled in 9th grade.