Bea accidentally throw Mr. Baldwin out the window, Winnie goes on a mission with her sister and mom to record Bea's very bad moments.

Episode SummaryEdit

End CreditsEdit

Snake and mouse want a pet, but realize that they are pets.



Bea: Hey, Slut-for-brains! what do you think you're doing! Off the bed.

(Winnie was angry at Bea)

Bea: Hey! Off the bed right now!

Winnie Grouper: I'm sorry, Bea. but i agree with them. i don't think what you did was right.

(Bea briefly laughs at her reason before getting close to her)

Bea: What? Am I hearing correctly? You don't think I was right? Who said your job was to think, Girly bird?

(Winnie looks angry)

Bea: jack use the base with reverse of brain power to consider this for a moment. If it wasn't for me, your stepdad wouldn't love you anymore! So shut your big mouth and GET THEM OFF THE BED!!

Winnie Grouper: No!

Bea: Do it now, clown face, or I'm throwing you out of my house!

Penelope: You're can i have to throw the two of us off!

Kimmy: Make that three!

Winnie Grouper: No, Bea, you can just make and do things we don't wanna do!

Bea: I don't believe this. Are... Are you... Are you threatening me?

Penelope: Yeah, get off the bed or I'll throw you off!

Bea: No way!

(Penelope and Kimmy rush at Bea, they grab Bea's arms and tailfin.)

Penelope: This is what happens when you mess with us!

(Winnie was near the window)

Winnie Grouper: Stop! Don't throw her off the bed!

Bea: Aw, thank you, Winnie, i appreciate that.

(Winnie then glares at Bea and pulls up the blinds, with her then motioning to the window)

Winnie Grouper: Throw her out the window, like she did to dad!

Penelope: Good idea!

Background InformationEdit

Bea appears to be a careless jerk.Edit

Winnie appears to wear Finberley's outfit.

Winnie breaks the fourth wall by saying that they don't grow up because they're cartoon characters.





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