A Whole Day As Bea

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry." Winnie Grouper feeling bad.

Randy goes to extreme lengths to hurt Winnie very badly after Bea's death. Winnie is the new Bea Goldfishberg.

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Randy: You better get out of here! (spraying a body pose on the car) and you better not tell anyone!

Winnie Grouper: With pleasure. [walking] Wait, i forgot to tell him all about what you did to me and the whole school. (the school is ruined)

Randy: What?

Winnie Grouper: Well, duh, if my dad sees it, he will think it's you again, then you'll get ______ and he will send you to the security detetion centre for the rest of your life. Now where would that leave us?

Randy: Are you trying to say you only did this to ruin my life?

Darwin: Of course. What do you take us for, some kind of criminals?

Randy: Well, yes. [Gasp] But I was wrong. Right, I'll clean this up, you need to get out of here before your stupid dad sees this.

Winnie Grouper: I don't think so, Randy. I have to tell my dad about you.

Randy: You better not. Just go! [They were leaving and she whispers to them] Boys, I'm sorry.

Winnie Grouper: What?

Randy: [a little louder] I'm sorry.

Winnie Grouper: Say again.

Randy: [a little louder] I'm sorry.

Winnie Grouper: Heh, heard it the first time .  Just wanted to milk it.

Randy: [chuckling] Those little...

Randy's dad: [In his car,  confusedly looking at the spray paint of a pose] Care to explain?

Randy: Wha... Ugh.

(The episode ends)

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie looks pregnant for the entire episode. She's not pregnant.
  • Winnie was dressed up like Bea, her hair is dyed red and her behavior is good.
  • Randy starts horrible pranking to revenge Bea's death.

Production InformationEdit



  • The Limit:


  1. Stephanie Anne Mills as Winnie Grouper
  2. Emilie-Clare Barlow as Penelope
  3. Dana Sydner as Mr. Baldwin
  4. Bella Throne as Kimmy
  5. John Sussman as Randy
  6. Matt Hill as Minnie Bullwinkle
  7. Ashley Johnson as The Doctor


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