Penelope bets that Winnie can't stand 7 days without sugar, candy, and etc, Winnie challenges her, but Penelope keeps on spying on her.

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Bud's Pets &....Edit

  • Diets

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Wendie is in a talking dog show and says,

Wendie: Hey, what do you call a sexy chicken?

Wendie: A Hot Chick! Get It?

Wendie: Ok, you don't get it!

Wendie: Conrows are kind of like braids, I don't know!

Wendie: Well there is this gun shop next to a liquor store near a chuck e cheese place.

Wendie: This Girl was Twerking ass on a boy named Steve Jackson!

Winnie: Wendie! Your talking! Get off of the stage, YOU STINK!

Wendie: Oh, got to run! (She runs as the credits end)

The camera cuts to Penelope and Winnie are eating peppers.

Penelope: Well i gotta say, you just made had enough of the bets. right, Winnie.

Winnie Grouper: Well, yeah. So here's the peppers and we'll eat them, right.

Penelope: (eating a pepper) Uh, you do realize that's spicy.


Winnie: Oh great! I treat!

Penelope: Nope, not just a treat for everyone! For Me!

Winnie: What! That's not fair!

Penelope: (Making Chicken Noises: Cluck Cluck! Your a chicken!

Winnie: Fine, I'm putting my foot down! I will finish that bet no matter what!

Penelope: Then eat 20 chili peppers!


Peppers that Winnie grouper ate. IT'S SO HOT!

Winnie: Okay! (She eats all of the peppers and she is steaming) HOT HOT! (she drinks a glass of water)

Penelope: Wow! (impressed) Maybe you should go a week without any sugar.

Winnie: Oooh, Okay.

Penelope: and I'll have to keep seeing you not eating some sugar.

Winnie: Well, fine. I'll do

Penelope: Good! (in echoing voice) LET...THE BET....BEGIIIINNNN!!!


(Winnie comes home from school and starts crying)

Winnie: Wendie, why am I so stupid?

Wendie (barking): Your not, you just made a wrong thing.

Winnie: Wendie, your a puppy, I'm a fish, do you think that eating me will be the wrong thing?

Wendie: (barking) No, I would never eat you!

Winnie: Oh, good. You know, Wendie. I should've never disowned you to Bea. She's a jerk.

Wendie: (actually speaking) Yeah, she even has a secret room with pictures of the underworld!

Winnie: Oh, I know. Wait a minute you're talking!

Wendie (barking) sorry.


Tabitha: Hey Winnie, what did Mrs. Grouper pack for you.

Winnie: Umm.. Some strawberrys, milk, water bottle, carrots and sushi.

Gwen: Dang Winnie, are you on a diet?

Winnie: Err, No.

Sunny: I don't even give a fuck, my mom packs healthy stuff in my lunch box and Tabitha's mom packs lunch for me!

Tabitha: Shh! That was a secret!

Gillica: Winnie, what's wrong, your upset! Are you okay?


(Everyone gasps)

Clamantha: Winnie, tell us!

Winnie: (sigh) Fine, my mom and I had a bet, If I lose, I will have healthly stuff all year! So I'm on this 1 week diet.

Sunny: That's cold!


Penelope: Well, Well, Well, only one more minute left, eat some Tomatos!

Winnie: Śérablò Lê!

Penelope: What?

Winnie: Thats Fish Spanish for NO! I'm tired of Fruit, Vegetables, Fish, Chicken and all those healthy stuff!

Penelope: 40 more seconds.

Winnie: Fine, I will eat! and if i win, you have to stop making bets and you can forget everythng i said about eating vegetables for 1 year!

(There Are 40 Tomatos and Winnie eats 8) = 32

Penelope: 30 seconds.

(Winnie eats 5 more) = 27

Penelope: 20 seconds!

(Winnie eats 12 more) = 15

Penelope: 10 seconds!

(Winnie eats 10 more) = 5

Penelope: 5, 4, 3!

(Winnie eats 5 more) = 0

Penelope: 2, 1!


Penelope: Does this mean i have to eat healthy food for 1 year!

Winnie: Not this time! You're free to eat whatever you want, because I am Winnie Grouper!

Penelope: (happy) Aww thanks, Winnie.

(Winnie winks at the camera as the episode ends)

Background InformationEdit

  • Winnie wins at the end of the episode.
  • Winnie has help from her friends to stop someone from giving her sugared stuff.

Production InformationEdit

  • This is 30 minutes long.



  • 2nd time Wendie speaks (Puppie gone bad)
  • 3rd Time Penelope acts stupid (The Cheerleading Tryouts, Performance Happiness)
  • 2nd time Tabitha and Sunny Eat Together (Life is like a box of Chocolates)


  • All Eds are Off: This is an allusion of the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode where Eddy bets Ed that he can go a whole day without gravy. Also Ed is allergic to butterscotch pudding that makes his head swollen.


  • Kari Wahlgren as Winnie Grouper
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Wendie Greeper (Barking Voice)
  • Madeleine Peters as Wendie Greeper (Speaking Voice)
  • Grey DeLisle as Gwen and Tabitha
  • Kimberley Mooney as Gillica and Finberley
  • Tara Strong as Sunny
  • Alex Hirsch as Clamantha
  • Emile-Claire Barlow as Penelope Grouper
  • Bella Thorne as Kimmy
  • Atticus Shiffer as Albert Glass


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